Alien Knife Fight

alien knife fight

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Alien Knife Fight is an Alt/Rock Duo that comes to us from Creedmoor,Texas.

First off, my apologies for not posting any Unsigned Bands in a while…I seriously wasn’t able to find any that really excited me…until I found Alien Knife Fight.

Ok…here we go….

I don’t know about you… but….is it my imagination that all Alt/Rock Radio Stations all pretty much all sound the same right now?

Where are the radio programmers that are willing to throw their balls out there and truly take risks and get behind bands that they love?

Why is mediocrity the new norm at Alt/Rock radio?

Now before you answer all those questions, let’s talk about why I love….Alien Knife Fight….

Ok before I start talking about Alien Knife Fight…I just want to let you know that I have always been skeptical when I get turned onto bands by my friends, family members, acquaintances…you name it.

I know that I am a music prude…wait …what am I saying?

Is this really coming from a dude who lives in California whose favorite beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon and eats sandwiches while in the bathroom?

Nice visual I know, just trying to keep it real folks.

In all seriousness, yes… a dear friend of mine turned me onto Alien Knife Fight…and of course…who was skeptical?….yes…you named it….this guy…guilty as charged.

Soooo…here I am sitting and typing away on my laptop a couple weeks back and I remember telling myself that I might as well listen to Alien Knife Fight before I delete my dear friend’s email and not listen to Alien Knife Fight so it was then…that I made the decision to delete their email.

With my luck…a couple weeks after I got the email from my dear friend … they ask me what I thought about Alien Knife Fight…and then I found myself trying to dodge the bullet by telling them….huh what email?

After playing grab ass for weeks on end…I finally took a listen to Alien Knife Fight and I gotta say…they blew me away upon first listen.

Alien Knife Fight has this Agro/Alt/Rock feel to them…they have this sound that makes you want to punch the person standing next to you in their neck and then hugging them afterwards.

If you are looking for a band that will kick you in the balls, Alien Knife Fight is ready to do so.

Alien Knife Fight delivers songs that are packed with solid bass lines, impeccable vocals and nice and sticky hooks.

Alien Knife Fight is your New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned.

– Rob Daily